It has been two months since my last post and two month since my computer decided it had a grudge against me.  Don’t laugh.  That sounds better than the truth.

When I started blogging again, which wasn’t all that long ago, I would have been happy with one post a month – to start anyway.  Now, like I said, it has been two months, and yes, my computer had something to do with it.  I thought it was the computer’s fault.  I thought it was giving up – just like me.  I thought IT didn’t want to write either.  But no, and as my trusty computer fixer guy put it – I was “infected to the nines”.  So now we are all clean, all good to go.  Are you reading between the lines though?  I left Mr. Computer sitting on my desk for two months before taking it to be cleaned and fixed.  Hmmmm….

I suppose I just need to stop worrying about not having anything profound to say, and just sit down and write any old blog post when the urge to spew arises.  After all, that’s how it starts doesn’t it?  The urge to write?  A tiny little spark of… something?

Right now is the best time, actually.  Why?  Because I don’t have any followers.  I don’t have anyone who really gives a damn if I say anything or not, so I am here talking to myself and that means I can just be honest without worrying about offending anyone or worrying over whether anyone will care what I have to say.  I just have to keep doing this until “I” care what “I” have to say.  Does that sound right?  Ya…ya…, until I care what I have to say.

Ah, that felt good.


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